TLS and DTLS - Commons and Differences

TLS and DTLS are both used to encryt comunication. Both are based on the Internet Protocol v4 or Internet Protocol v6 to exchange messages. TLS reached a large popularity, while DTLS seems to be still uncommon. Some may therefore ask, why DTLS should be considered at all. So compare both to see the difference. Possibly some will recognise, that there are cases, where DTLS shows benefits. TLS TLS is very wellknown.

CoAP over DTLS - unleash the power

CoAP over DTLS - unleash the power In TLS and DTLS - Commons and Differences I explained some basics about TLS and DTLS. That gave a first impression about the benefits of using DTLS. The challenges are retransmission of messages and preferable small messages. This article explains, how CoAP does both for you. CoAP CoAP is specified in The Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). It is split in two layers: message transmission request-response semantic Retransmission The message transmission uses 4 message types to control the transmission: